Organic and Natural Fibers

Cotton, Alpaca, Merino Wool and Tencel

From our beginning in 1994, Indigenous has used only the finest natural and organic fibers in our clothing.  This keeps harmful chemical toxins found in synthetic and non-organic clothing out of our ecosystems and away from your body.  Additionally, natural fibers provide excellent strength, warmth, touch and absorbency.

Below are links to pages that describe each of the amazing fibers used by Indigenous.

We produce premium quality and stylish clothes without every compromising our commitment to use organic fibers, low-impact dyes and environmentally friendly processes (these values are in addition to our Fair Trade principles).  This commitment is a deep responsibility, unfortunately rare in fashion.  Our values have led us to be an innovator and to produce the fashion we love.  From developing the Fair Trace Tool to developing luxurious and unique blends of organic cotton and tencel.

At Indigenous we consider it our world,
and our worth comes from how well we care for it.