Meet Jessica Rodriguez

Creating Opportunities for Artisans

Jessica Rodriguez is a close partner with Indigenous. Here she tells the story of creating opportunity for knitters in southern Peru through collaboration within the Indigenous' fair trade + organic production model. Jessica Rodriguez has been recognized by Hillary Clinton for her important work.

Over a decade ago, we met Jessica, while traveling in the Andes of Peru. At that time Jessica was producing hand made organic knits and working with just a few employees. Her mission was to provide a sustainable living to the many women in remote areas who had no access to work. We shared in Jessica's vision, and through planning and commitment, set forth on a path together to bring opportunity to these women. Thanks to the wonderful response from socially responsible customers like you Indigenous has been able to slowly build up capacity and provide stable work for the artisans, and Jessica now manages and supports over 700 families throughout the highlands of Peru!

Her mission was to provide help to the many women in remote areas who had no access to work.

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