Valentine's 2016 Special Offer -2
Valentine's 2016 Special Offer -2

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Spring Trends We Love #1: Marled Knits
Feb 4th, 2016 - contributed by Emily Roberts

Early Spring 2016 Trends We Love #1 Marled Knits

We believe style should be classic. Keeping up with the endless fast fashion cycle can be tiring and wasteful at best. But life would be dull and bland without adding a few new flavors to your wardrobe now and again. So here you have it: our favorite spring trends, and what we love about them. 

Trend #1: Marled Knits >>

Our Spring Fashion Preview: The Antidote to Winter Blues
Jan 15th, 2016 - contributed by Emily Roberts

Our Spring Fashion Preview | the antidote to the winter blues

Sure, the weather is still chilly, but January is the perfect time to start looking forward to spring. Afterall, anticipation is the perfect antidote to overcast skies and a gloomy drizzle. 

Some of our first spring styles have been arriving from Peru. Each soft, perfectly tailored, and ethically made, as always. The INDIGENOUS 2016 spring and summer line was inspired by the gorgeous blue of the pacific, and the rocky coast of Northern California.

INDIGENOUS designer, Britta Reynolds, incorporated nautical themes like sea-faring stripes and sheer, netted knits. With muted colors of gray, white, faded blue, and basic black, every piece in the line compliments every other. And each would serve as a welcome addition to any wardrobe. 

Here's a peak at what's just arrived online and what's to come. Take a look and let us know what you think.

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The TOP 6 Reasons to LOVE Alpacas
Dec 9th, 2015 - contributed by Emily Roberts

The Top 6 Reasons to Love Alpacas: Adorable, Sustainable, Humane, Colorful, Great Personalities, Wonderful Alpaca Wool

#1. Alpacas Score a 10 on the Adorable Scale 

From their funky hairstyles to their myriad expressions, alpacas are, by all accounts one of the cutest critters. Need some proof? Behold the baby alpaca. (Better than a kitten video any day.) Baby alpacas make some of the softest fiber imaginable, and we love working their wool into our scarves, sweaters and ponchos. 

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Miss December: A black alpaca from Peru, sustainably raised free range

Alpacas, Diversity, and the Magic of Color
Dec 9th, 2015 - contributed by Emily Roberts

Alpaca tread gently and sustainably on the planet, peruvian highlands

It takes a tough sort of person—and animal—to make it in the harsh Andean highlands. Unfortunately for the kind, hard working people of the Andes, climate change has affected them more than most. The alpaca herds on which they depend had long been getting sick, needing more and more antibiotics to survive, and dyeing at alarming rates. And it all started with the Conquistadores.

The coming of the Spaniards was as hard on the Andean alpaca as it was on the native populations. Because the Spanish invaders saw these gentle animals as competition for grazing land—land which they wanted for sheep—the Alpacas were killed and neglected, leaving their numbers sparse. Centuries of husbandry techniques faded and generations of knowledge were all but lost.

By the time the value of Alpaca fiber was realized by international markets, the numbers of the Alpaca was far from what it had once had been. Being the easiest to dye, white alpaca fiber was the most sought after, and their fiber was selected for. The result: even greater loss of genetic diversity, which is never a good thing.

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Tamarind Trunk Show with one of a kind pieces from Indigenous organic + fair trade fashion

Want a look that is all your own? Join us at Tamarind for a trunk show like no other. You'll have access to one-of-a-kind artisan made pieces, available no where else. Gorgeous knits, all fair trade, natural, and ethically made. 

Also at the event, discover nature inspired jewelry by Blaire Lauren Brown and handmade wreaths by Venn Floral. 

Tamarind is offering 10% off all in-store INDIGENOUS clothing and accessories for the event. 

Get the details >>

Inside look at Tamarind womens clothing store in Sebastopol

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