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Published September 18th, 2016 by Emily Roberts

Everyone who tries on Indigenous clothing is astounded by the exceptional fit. You can thank Yohanna—our expert fit designer—for those constant tweaks and improvements that make all the difference. She recently took brief but lovely vacation to Vail, Colorado. Hear about her mini vaca, and see what she spotted at the top of a mountain. (Hint: it was eco-friendly & ethically made.) 


Published September 14th, 2016 by Emily Roberts

womens long fringe poncho

For those who draw inspiration from the streets and runways of fashion week there's always a dilemma: how do you adopt these dramatic pieces and make them work in your everyday life? 

And if you're looking for clothing you can feel good about—clothes that are ethically made and eco-friendly—then taking on the latest trends can be even more difficult. Fast fashion is only too willing to oblige with the latest styles, but do you really want them knowing the environmental and human impact? 

Heading the list of trends we love is the long fringe poncho. If you have never owned a poncho, let us convert you. They're easy wear, inherently chic, and ultra comfortable. This key transseasonal piece is perfect for adding over any amount of layers. Our attention was caught by dramatically long fringe spotted on the streets of fashion week, as well as runways. 


Published August 18th, 2016 by Emily Roberts

You’re getting out of the house. Finally. Embarking on a cultural adventure, an expedition to somewhere classy. Maybe it’s an art opening, a museum, or classical music performance. Suddenly all of the clothes in your closet look cheap and out of date. That dress you wore to a friends wedding 3 years ago? It’s not going to cut it.

Recently I visited the SF MOMA, and found myself in exactly this position. Mom who wears jeans and t-shirts most of the year gets to break free for a moment and possibly, maybe, look really nice. I delved into some fall trends for a little inspiration. Some of them are beasts. Fur? Tinsel? Wearing your bag in a weird way? Nope. No thank you. So I thought I’d pull together a few that I liked, drawing on some of INDIGENOUS’ fall ’16 line.

What to wear to a museum? Fall fashion trends for classy events.


Published July 7th, 2016 by Emily Roberts

My summer vacation led me to a popular beach town followed by my new favorite ocean spot.  See my family’s vacation pics, and the eco fashion styles I wore. I’m no celebrity or model, but I know how to rock some organic cotton. 


Published June 29th, 2016 by Emily Roberts

INDIGENOUS is a founding member of B-Corporation. But that doesn't grant us B-Corp status for life. We must constantly earn that badge of honor with rigorous evaluations.

We love the high standards that B-Corporations must meet. And that's why we are again proud to announce that our status has been renewed with a score of 129.9, well above the average of 95. 

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