Fashion Revolution Week 2017

Published April 27th, 2017 by Emily Roberts


Fashion Revolution Week: ask brands #whomademyclothes ?

The clothes we wear make an impact, one way or another. Bound together in their threads, is power. It's a vote for the kind of world you want to live in; a vote for how we treat the earth and its people. Each piece of clothing is made by someone, somewhere. And since 90% of garment workers are women, accountability in fashion is fundamentally about women's rights.

Many eyes snapped open the day Rana Plaza collapsed. The garment factory building in Bangladesh became rubble, killing 1,129 and inuring approximately 2,500, most of them women. The tragedy has drawn attention to injustices inherent in fast fashion. The rush to make the newest trend, copy the runways, use cheap materials and cheaper labor.

The collapse of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh killed over 1000 garment workers

Many now know the truth, that the global fashion industry is opaque, exploitative and environmentally damaging. It desperately needs revolutionary change.

We have been in the ethical fashion industry for a long time. Perhaps from the start. For 20 years, we have called out for other brands to practice the same kind of sustainability, transparency, and accountability. Finally the tides are turning, and slow fashion is on the rise.

Fast Fashion isn't free. Someone, somewhere is paying for it. Quote by Lucy Seigle

Our fans know they can depend on us for intricate handmade details, innovative knit design, and the finest materials. But they know something more: they can sure that the people who make our clothes are treated with the respect that all humans deserve.
You can make an impact in the fashion industry, with the clothes you buy and the actions you take. You can ask brands "who made my clothes? There are tons of ways to participate in Fashion Revolution Week. Visit to find out more.

Yo Hice Tu Ropa - two of our artisans ironing clothing to make it absolutely perfect

Meet Julia Emperatriz Cota Ochochoque & Alejandrina Carmen Cabana Mamani. They make sure each garment is impeccably finished. 

Learn about our fair trade policy >

Artisan workers taking a break for their group yoga class

These artisans are taking a break from work to participate in their group yoga class. We believe health and mindfulness are integral to a happy, productive workplace. Here in the states, we have a group yoga class once a month. 


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