Proud to be a B-Corp | Our grade is in & it’s great!

Published June 29th, 2016 by Emily Roberts


Indigenous recertified as a B-Corporation with an incredibly high score

INDIGENOUS is a founding member of B-Corporation. But that doesn't grant us B-Corp status for life. We must constantly earn that badge of honor with rigorous evaluations.

We love the high standards that B-Corporations must meet. And that's why we are again proud to announce that our status has been renewed with a score of 129.9, well above the average of 95. 

indigenous is a fashion company committed to fair trade values and certified by the WFTOIndigenous| fashion company dedicated to using only natural & organic fibersArtisan made, slow fashion clothing for women | Indigenousethical fashion company that uses eco friendly safe dyes or no dyes at allFashion company protecting biodiversity among alpacas and cotton in PeruSustainably designed clothing | eco friendly, fair trade, organic

Curious about what earned Indigenous such an impressive number? It's in our commitment to each and every person who works for us: skilled artisans in Peru who earn above a living wage, and work in safe, clean conditions. Our artisans are given the opportunity to better their lives and their communities through good work, no-interest community loans, skill training, subsidized child care, and much more. And it's our commitment to the planet which we all share.

From day one, we have been dedicated to using only organic and sustainable fibers that are soft on the earth. Our dyes are safe and eco-friendly. And our entire business model is founded on the principle that a fashion company can be good for people and planet. 

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