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Published August 18th, 2016 by Emily Roberts

You’re getting out of the house. Finally. Embarking on a cultural adventure, an expedition to somewhere classy. Maybe it’s an art opening, a museum, or classical music performance. Suddenly all of the clothes in your closet look cheap and out of date. That dress you wore to a friends wedding 3 years ago? It’s not going to cut it.

Recently I visited the SF MOMA, and found myself in exactly this position. Mom who wears jeans and t-shirts most of the year gets to break free for a moment and possibly, maybe, look really nice. I delved into some fall trends for a little inspiration. Some of them are beasts. Fur? Tinsel? Wearing your bag in a weird way? Nope. No thank you. So I thought I’d pull together a few that I liked, drawing on some of INDIGENOUS’ fall ’16 line.

What to wear to a museum? Fall fashion trends for classy events.


Published July 7th, 2016 by Emily Roberts

My summer vacation led me to a popular beach town followed by my new favorite ocean spot.  See my family’s vacation pics, and the eco fashion styles I wore. I’m no celebrity or model, but I know how to rock some organic cotton. 


Published June 29th, 2016 by Emily Roberts

INDIGENOUS is a founding member of B-Corporation. But that doesn't grant us B-Corp status for life. We must constantly earn that badge of honor with rigorous evaluations.

We love the high standards that B-Corporations must meet. And that's why we are again proud to announce that our status has been renewed with a score of 129.9, well above the average of 95. 

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Published June 28th, 2016 by Emily Roberts

The Double Layer Maxi Dress is our most popular dress. Our fastest selling, and a staff favorite besides... And we didn't think you could tell us anything new about it, but Sustainable Siren proved us wrong and wore it in a whole new way. We love the way she criss crossed the neckline straps to create a bohemian, sorceress vibe. It's boho fashion, but 100% ethically made—and we love it!


Published June 15th, 2016 by Emily Roberts

INDIGENOUS CEO and Co-Founder, Scott Leonard, was recently published on The Huffington Post. Read his reflections on why so many are searching for jobs that allow them to make the world a better place... Jobs like ours.

Becoming Idealists: Finding Meaning In The Workplace

Traveling to Peru is likely to shake you up and inspire you. It’s a place of rich culture. Layers of ancient civilizations and history live embedded in Peru’s vibrant and chaotic modern society. Yet it’s not necessarily a safe place, and not a wealthy one. Extreme poverty lurks down most streets, with hungry children on many doorsteps. It’s this kind of poverty that changes your perspective. It’s this constant realization that inspires many of us at INDIGENOUS to look for our worth beyond our paychecks. Instead, we have come to measure our worth by how much work we can give to an artisan group. By whether we can spread that work year round, making their jobs and lives easier and their income dependable. We measure our worth by our ability to reinvest in the communities we work with, and the ways we are able to connect individual artisans with micro financing and skills training

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