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From innovations in technology to some eye-opening facts about fast fashion, this week’s Ethical Fashion Friday takes a look at some details of the fashion revolution that aren’t often talked about.

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Low impact dyes, supply chain improvements, and other innovations in ethical fashion.

Ethical Fashion Friday News June 19 2015Have you ever imagined what life is like for factory owners in the fashion industry?

Are you ready for a new spin on Fashion Week?

The Fashion Revolution keeps spinning this week and we’re excited to watch it go.

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Skirts and Dresses: Styling Sustainably for Summer
Jun 4th, 2015 - contributed by Emily Roberts

Summer Styling Tips Sustainable Skirts and Dresses Eco FashionIf you overhear someone say that it can’t be done—that you can’t look fashionable while making ethical choices for your wardrobe—stand up for what you know to be true. Tell them they’re wrong.

To dispel the myth that fast fashion is good fashion, we’re kicking off a series in which tipsters share their ethical style. They'll show you how they mix their favorite Indigenous pieces with their other favorite ethically-made clothing, shoes, bags and more.

Our first tipster is our blogger Tricia. She’s a writer, a mother, and an independent business woman. And she’s here this week with some tips on wearing Indigenous skirts and dresses.

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True Cost and Real Relief in this week’s Ethical Fashion Friday
May 21st, 2015 - contributed by Emily Roberts

Ethical Fashion Friday on the Indigenous Blog

Looking for a way to make your wardrobe more ethical? We’ve got a few suggestions.

Worried about how the next generations will carry on the fashion revolution? We’ve got evidence that they’ll do it, and do it better.

Want to push the fashion revolution forward while supporting victims of natural disaster? We have just the thing.

Let’s talk about true cost and real relief this week.

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Ethical Fashion Friday News Update May 15th 2015Would you buy a shirt from a vending machine for $2? What if you knew what it took to bring you that shirt so cheaply?

Have you heard of some of the latest ethical clothing brands on the market? What does the continual influx say about the fashion revolution?

Let’s dig into this week’s Ethical Fashion Friday.

Turning Down a 2 Euro T-Shirt

The Fashion Revolution is still making headlines this week with the video of a social stunt set up in Berlin, Germany. The video shows passersby approaching a vending machine that offers t-shirts for 2 euros. After inserting their money and selecting a size, the potential customer sees a video in which they meet an underpaid, poorly treated garment worker. Most people skipped the shirt and donated the money instead.

Watch the video &

Fashion Revolution Day T-Shirts for 2 Euros Vending Machine Stunt

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