Introducing the new PURE collection
Introducing the new PURE collection

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The Future of Cotton: Color, Purity & Ecology
Sep 24th, 2015 - contributed by Emily Roberts

Natural organic cotton for eco friendly clothingYou picture a fuzzy white ball, right? Or rows and rows of plants, all the same, soaking up water, sun, and pesticides. You might even think of the cotton farmers in India, never able to make enough to pay back their creditors. Slaves to their fields.

That’s not the kind of cotton we’re talking about. And those are not our cotton farmers. That system is unsustainable, bound to fail the earth and fail its people. Exploiting everyone and everything it comes into contact with. What we’re talking about is something entirely different: organic Peruvian cotton, in many colors. And that makes all the difference. 


Want fewer decisions in the morning? Pick some new accessories for Fall.
Aug 15th, 2015 - contributed by Emily Roberts

Womens Ethically Made Accessories for Autumn | Our picks for Fall 2015 

“I once had someone tell me that as you grow up and grow into your career, you should start using the one-thirds rule, which is: Buy one-thirds of the amount of stuff you buy, and pay up to triple the price for it. It’s longer lasting, you’re more likely to buy something that’s timeless and classic, and you have fewer decisions to make in the morning. Decision fatigue is a real thing—Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, many super successful wear the same outfit every day for that reason. When you have fewer superficial decisions to make, you can focus your energy on the things that are actually really important in your career.”

~Cynthia Salim in The Gloss

We covered this interview with Citizen’s Mark founder Cynthia Salim in an Ethical Fashion Friday post a couple of months ago. But this quote in particular has stuck with me for two reasons.

First is the concept of decision fatigue. The idea that the process of choosing, among dozens of options, what to wear on any given day was actually taking energy I could be spending in other places (my family, my kids, my work, etc.) was eye opening for me.

Second was the one-thirds rule. Buying one-third the amount of stuff I typically buy impacts more than just my morning attire decision. If I choose consciously, it means a more ethical closet. And it means I contribute far less fashion waste.

It also means that as summer ends, I need to think about how I buy for the new season.  And I’m thinking I need accessories.

Accessories are a great way to step into the new season. A pretty poncho can completely transform an outfit into something new, a fun bracelet can transition you from day to evening, and a great scarf can pull everything together.

Emily and I got together this week to pick our favorite Indigenous accessories that perfectly mix up our wardrobes and a few that we have been eyeing as Fall approaches.

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Getting Cozy with Fall Trends
Jul 31st, 2015 - contributed by Emily Roberts

Womens Fall Fashion Trends in 2015 with an ethically-made perspective.The temperatures may be boiling where you are but Fall is just around the corner. Which means that Fall Fashion is peeking through the summer haze.

As always, we’re not ready to jump on board with every latest trend making its way down the runway (Fur lined sleeve cuffs and socks? No thanks.). But there are several we are excited to curl up in once the weather turns crisp.

Here are some of our favorites.

Womens Fall Fashion Trends 2015: turtlenecks are the new tees

Fall Fashion Trends 2015: Wavy Hemlines

Womens ethical fashion fall trends 2015

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Ethical Fashion Friday for July 17th 2015 - news in sustainable and eco fashion

Have your questions to your favorite brands about supply chains and fabric sourcing been met with blank stares? One New Zealand writer took her questions on the road.

And what are your thoughts on wearing roadkill? No, seriously.

Let’s talk about what’s going on in the world of ethical fashion this week.

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Thank you, Conscious Company Magazine
Jul 9th, 2015 - contributed by Emily Roberts

7 Sustainable Fashion Brands: Evrnu, Loomstate,, Noble Denim & Victor Athletics, Nikita & Vesper, Indigenous Designs, Eileen Fisher

Naturally, we didn’t get into the business of making ethical and sustainable clothing for the recognition. We got into it, and we do it every day, in order to make a difference in the lives of our artisans, the way the world thinks about the impact of fashion, and the resources of our Earth.

But, truth be told, a little recognition is always nice. Especially when it happens in a fantastic publication that we respect, placed alongside sustainable brands like Eileen Fisher. Companies who are committed to the same mission we are—to creating ethical and eco-friendly fashion.

That’s why we were delighted to be included in Conscious Company Magazine’s latest issue featuring 7 sustainable apparel brands who are, as they perfectly put it, “doing things differently.”


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