Help the people of Peru recover from devastating flooding in 2017 Help the people of Peru recover from devastating flooding in 2017

Devastated by Floods, the People of Peru Need Our Help

A call for flood relief aid to Peru, by Root Capital & Indigenous

Devastating floods have ravished Peru, leaving death and displacement in their wake. As of March 28th, it is estimated that over 700,000 people are now left homeless. And their need for aid grows stronger, as even more rains are predicted to fall. Together with Root Capital, we are spreading the urgent call for help. By donating to Direct Relief, you can help fulfill the desperate need for medical supplies and other much needed relief materials.

Help Now: Send Aid to Peru with Direct Relief

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“Extreme weather has battered many parts of the world this year, but few countries have suffered more in lives, homes and crops lost than Peru, the Andean country that has been beset with torrential rains and massive flooding for much of this year.

On Tuesday, the Peruvian government raised the death toll from floods to 94 while relief agencies estimated that 700,000 persons have been left homeless in 12 of the country’s 25 regions. The cost to Peru’s economy in lost productivity has been estimated at $3.1 billion, or 1.6% of the country’s annual output of goods and services.”
Excerpt from the March 28th LA Times article  “Peru's brutal season of floods leaves 94 dead, 700,000 homeless” by Adriana Leon, Chris Krau

Machu Picchu River flooding Peru after a season filled with rain and devastation

Both INDIGENOUS and Root Capital have been actively investing in improving the lives of the Peruvian People, with an emphasis on women’s empowerment, economic opportunities, sustainable livelihoods and conservation.

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To our friends and artisans in Peru, please know that you are in our minds and hearts.  

You can help the people of Peru. Donate now to Direct Relief. A call for help from Root Capital and Indigenous.

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